Tele Education

Tele education, also known as distance learning, has become an increasingly popular way of education in recent times, and Bezara Anchalik Senior Secondary School has also adopted this approach. Tele education refers to the use of telecommunication technologies to facilitate the delivery of education and training to students who are not physically present in the classroom. It is a flexible and convenient way of learning, allowing students to access education from anywhere at any time.

Bezara Anchalik Senior Secondary School has implemented tele education in various ways. Online classes are held regularly to provide students with access to quality education. Teachers use various online platforms to deliver lectures, share study materials, and conduct assessments. These platforms also provide opportunities for students to interact with their teachers and classmates, ask questions, and clear doubts.

The use of tele education has also opened up new avenues for learning beyond the classroom. Students can access educational resources and participate in virtual workshops, seminars, and conferences from anywhere. This has enabled students to broaden their horizons and develop new skills and interests.

Overall, tele education has been a boon for Bezara Anchalik Senior Secondary School. It has helped to bridge the gap between physical and geographical barriers to education, providing students with access to quality education and opportunities for growth and development. The school is committed to continuing its efforts in providing the best possible learning experience to its students through the use of tele education.